Silent Retreat

 with intense power healing


Silent Retreat


Individual Power Healing, Cleansing,

Light Language and Code Activation

Silence creates the holy space that is needed to reach the depths of your inner universe and connect you with who your truly are.
Are you ready to surrender to that Love?

Since the beginning of time human beings have gathered in silence to honour and celebrate the Divine within.
Through the stillness that silence creates you deepen the connection with your sacred chamber in the heart
where the unconditional Love of everything exists.

Magic is created when we gather as a group and connect deeply as a collective with the chamber in our hearts. In this space miraculous healing is possible and will easily flow to where its mostly needed.

Spending a day in silence is a true gift to yourself. It is an act of self Love and a commitment to your own journey. It will enrichen your life in a way that is only limited by your own willingness to surrender into unconditional Love. By the end of the day, the whole group will be transformed in a beautiful way.

Through advanced healing technics and light language, I help you heal on a deep cellular level, all the way down to your DNA. I use my different psychic abilities throughout the retreat to read, map and clarify your blocked energies.

This information guides me to the most optimal healing for your unique history, situation, and vibration.

Through deep prayer and as a clear channel of the Divine, I work in assistance with the healing power of Mother Gaia and the Creator. This means that you will receive as much energy and healing that you can hold and integrate. Your healing takes place in a very Loving and protected space, so you will never receive more than you can master.

Walk in peace beautiful Soul.

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How to book

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A day of Silent Retreat may look like this:

A silent retreat is a deep and a very Holy act.

Before a silent retreat the space is rigorously energy cleansed and a sacred temple vibration has been lovingly and carefully built up through intention, prayer and meditation. This energy will hold and embrace the group throughout this holy event.

Starting at 10 am with deep meditation and a deep grounding in.
When you walk into the sacred space of the retreat you enter into silence and the host of the event will guide you to find your space in the circle.

You sit down in your preferred meditation pose and move into meditation allowing your self to receive the holy vibration in the temple.

When the whole group has gathered you are guided into a grounding and cleansing meditation that will prepare you for the rest of the day.

First deep healing session 10:30 – 12:30
Now the healing ceremony starts and I walk around the circle and give each of the participants their own personal healing session. During the whole healing session you feel into your own needs and lie down or sit up according to what you need at any given time. When it is your turn to receive healing you are asked to sit upright to allow a good working position for me and to allow yourself to be able to follow the process of healing in alertness.

When you receive your own personal healing you are asked if there is something in particular that you wish me to work with. It could be a theme, a pattern or a specific issue in your life. If you are not able to think of anything in particular, you can also surrender your session to me and the Cosmic helpers, and the healing will go to exactly where its needed.

This holy space will serve you with healing through the whole day.

Around 12:30 – 13:15 Lunch
During the lunch break you are served light refreshments as fruits and nuts. It allows for a nourishing replenishing pause, when you can rest from the intense healing process a little while and be with whatever it is that you need.

Second deep healing session around 13:30 – 15:30
This goes as the first deep healing session.

Finish around 15:30 – 16.00
This beautiful holy day ends with the whole group lying down for a longer rest to integrate the deep healing process. It has an important purpose of serving the intense healing of the day. It also allows integration and a soft transition into the rest of your day. I warmly recommend you to continue the day in stillness and silence to support the beautiful and unique process that has taken place during this magical day. You are also recommended to drink a lot of lemon water.


What They Say

It is so good to feel this light inside

"I feel so grateful for being part of Christina´s Silent Retreat last weekend. It was four days ago, and I still feel so light. It is a wonderful feeling and I feel amazed that I am still feeling it even after this time.

... I could release so much old stuff and finally move on. After the retreat I felt light as a feather after years of feeling that my heart was heavy as a stone.

... all people has something old and heavy that they need to let go off, and I can warmly recommend Christina to help you with that."

Big hugs, Linn, Lund, Sweden, 2020

One day Silent Retreat

The first healing session cleansed energies that belonged in earlier life times for me. These energies needed to be cleared and released, in order for my Soul to be free to learn and accomplish that which it had previously decided to do here on planet Earth. The information I received from Christina was very valuable and helped me understand myself, and my behaviour better. ...The second healing session was deeply healing and very powerful for me.

... Because of the results after the first retreat with Christina, I have now signed up for a second one.
I feel Christina takes her work very seriously and that she wants the highest good for everyone she works with..."

Karin Nylund, Sweden, August 2020

Christina accesses blockages that can otherwise take years to resolve

Deeply touched by yesterday’s Silent Retreat in magical Christina’s space. With unconditional love and extremely dedicated work, she accesses blockages that can otherwise take years to resolve on their own.

I Love you sister! ❤ Keep spreading your light, your knowledge and your Love! We are grateful that you exist on earth right now ❤

Bam, Sweden 2020

One day Silent Retreat

… To attend a Silent Retreat is to take a big leap on your personal journey. Christina is one of the most powerful healers that I have met. The transformation is permanent, and sometimes your perspective of life can change from night to day. The healing is supported by the experienced hands of Christina, and even if there can be great cleansing after a retreat everything feels very stable and whole.
When you are open to receive healing from Christina it can take you to places you never thought were possible.
You start to take responsibility, for your self, for your healing journey and for your life. We can manifest everything that we dream of when we start being there for ourselves. Choosing to receive healing from Christina is choosing to take steps that you didn´t know that you were able to, you wake up to your own power, truth and wisdom..."

With love, Paola, Lund, Sweden, 2020