Healing circle

 with intense power healing

Are you longing for deepening

your connection with your Inner Divine?

The one YOU truly are!

A Healing Circle is a 2 ½ hour event that is perfect for you who already are in a healing process and have attended one of my precious healing events or a private session. It is also a beautiful opportunity for you who are curious to experience the kind of life-changing deep healing that I offer in all my events.

Before a Healing Circle event the space is rigorously energy cleansed and a sacred temple vibration has been lovingly and carefully built up through intention, prayer and meditation.

A Healing Circle is held in reverence and silence to enhance the effect of the deep power healing that you will receive during the event. The stillness that the silence creates helps you to experience your inner voice that can be very subtle and needs a quiet space to be heard.

Magic is created when we gather as a group and connect deeply as a collective with same intention, to heal, receive and release.

Through advanced healing technics and light language, I help you heal on a deep cellular level, all the way down to your DNA. I use my different psychic abilities throughout the retreat to read, map and clarify your blocked energies.

This information guides me to the most optimal healing for your unique history, situation, and vibration.


What can you expect afterwards?

When you deepen the connection to your higher self – your I AM presence – and raise your vibration,
you will feel so much more ease and clarity in your daily life.

You will be so much more connected to who you really are.

Welcome Beautiful Soul and prepare to meet your core.


Find the next Healing Circle with Intense Power Healing under Events
or contact me for having a Healing evening in your town: Event Price 700 SEK
(ca. €69 depending on exchange rate)


What They Say

Speechless and empty of words

"I was too speechless and had run out of words so I could not thank you... ...It was such a powerful experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the thruths that you confirmed, for the doubt that dissolved once again and for channeling the energy of Mother Earth so beautifully. I feel how my roots are now even deeper anchored in her.

And the connection to the Arcturians that I have felt so true in me, but not have dared to believe because it felt too dopey. You confirmed it.

So thank you, thank you, thank you brave and powerful Goddess!"

With Love, Aida, Höör, Sweden, 2020

My system felt completely different

"The morning after the healing session with Christina, my system felt completely different. There was so much more ease!
The heaviness and emotional turmoil regarding the theme of my healing session, was almost completely gone. 24 hours after the session I could feel the healing energy and light re-coding my cells. It was as if my body was being upgraded!

Still a few weeks after the session, I can feel that Christina's healing has gifted me in gaining greater access to my inner power. I will continue to come to Christina for support when I need a boost to expand in love, truth and being!"

Emma, Lund, Sweden 2021