House energi cleansing

 with intense power healing


House Energy Cleansing is a powerful way to energy cleanse and to energy upgrade your home to a totally new energy level so that new inspiration, deep healing and creativity can flow into your life.

In the place where you live, energy flows are created all the time. Everything that you do and everything that you think and feel, leaves energetic footprints that with time become more solid and affect you energetically. Your home mirrors your energy back to you, so if the energy in your home is stagnated, yours will be as well. A house energy cleansing will feel like holding a silent healing retreat in your home, energies start to flow again, and you and your house will heal and blossom.

Most of us are aware that the relationships with other people are deeply important for us and our well-being, but not everyone is aware of how the relationship with our home affects our energy level and sense of wellbeing. To energy cleanse your home is vital for upgrading your own life quality also on an energy level. It is a powerful way to set a new energy in your home, that will affect every part of your life.


What can YOU expect from a House Energy Cleansing?

A house energy cleansing is like a healing session but instead of focusing on the human being, I focus on your house.
A house energy cleansing gives new life force to all that is stagnated, energy that is stuck comes into motion and is released. When your house heals, you and your family members also heal. A House Energy Cleansing also cleans out old energies that might be stuck in your home from former habitants or entities that may still be lingering. This creates space for your energies to truly enter and permeate your home, so that you can sing your own soul song and dance your own life dance instead of someone else´s.

Through energy cleansing your house, you create your own sacred space,
where you THEN easier can rest and regenerate.

What I do

When I visit your home for a house energy cleansing, I use my physic and healing abilities to receive all the information that I need, to perceive a holistic picture of what is needed. Each house cleansing is unique and individual, as each healing session is guided by the energies present in your home. I use a mix of shamanic tools together with Feng Shui and my clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to heal and reorganize you home energies. Knowledge that is built upon 30 years of experience with energy work and an ongoing practice of healing my surroundings and myself.

Contact me for your private House Energi Cleansing with Intense Power Healing

Start price for 3 hours*: 0-120 m² = 3333 SEK (ca. €326 depending on exchange rate)

For homes bigger than 120 m² we agree on a price beforehand.

*In our planning interview it will be clear which time we should choose as I need to get answers to certain questions first.


What They Say

The House Cleansing was invaluable to me

"Christina´s house cleansing was a fascinating and amazingly enriching experience for me...

... it has turned out so beautifully. My home feels different, more welcoming and calm. I feel such joy when I come home. Soon I will have done all the changes that came to me during our three hour session.

...(the) healing gave me peace of mind and a flow of creativity and bubbly energy. I also experienced some very beautiful visions that are too personal to share.

The House Cleaning was invaluable to me – worth every penny."

Elisabet Granlund, Lund, Sweden, 2020

Eternally grateful for help and guidance

Christina has coached me in several private sessions and has done an energy cleansing in my home.
The sessions with Christina have helped me to really be able to let go of old memories and blockages that no longer serve me. She has helped me to better understand and connect with my true self. Christina´s loving and professional treatment has always made me feel very safe as a client and it has created a space where great healing and development has been possible.

I am eternally grateful to Christina for the help and guidance to move forward in both personal and spiritual development at a time when I felt stuck and did not move on in my life.

I give Christina my very warmest recommendations."

Åsa, Nyköping, Sweden, 2020

House Energi Cleansing

"When Christina came home to my house, I had been experiencing stagnation in my body, and felt overwhelmed and uninspired when I was at home... ...The result was new flow, new vitality and a new home that now supported me on my personal journey instead of draining me.

My home now also supports me to look after myself and helps the energy to flourish, inside and out. Stagnated energy came alive... ...My home did not only turn into a more beautiful and living space, it is so much nicer to spend time in and I finally feel at home."

With Love, Paola, Lund, Sweden, 2020