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I see You, I read You and I heal You!





In this space of high vibration, you will receive deep healing, deep cleansing, and a lift of density. Your whole system will be upgraded, and you will connect on a deeper level with your higher self. Old contracts, cords and bindings that are ready, will be cleared and your whole energy system is strengthened. A healing session comes from a state of deep prayer within me, that the session will be a hundred percent aligned with the highest good for you as a client.

A deep healing session leads you to wake up even more to who you truly are, to your sovereignty and to your full potential, it supports you in the remembering of why you came here to planet Earth.

Through advanced healing technics and light language, I help you heal on a deep cellular level, all the way down to your DNA. I use my different psychic abilities throughout the session to read, map and clarify your blocked energies, this information guides me to the most optimal healing for your unique history, situation, and vibration.

In a healing session I am a clear channel of the Divine, and work in assistance with the healing power of Mother Gaia and the Creator, and with the healing power and guidance of our cosmic helpers. This means that you will receive as much energy and healing as you can hold and integrate. The healing takes place in a very loving and protected space, so you will never receive more than you can master.

Only the sky is the limit.

You leave feeling totally renewed and centered

Meet me in Lund, Sweden or on Skype/Zoom for a 2-hour Deep Healing Private Session: Investment 2333 SEK
(ca. €230 depending on exchange rate)

How to book

Call, text message or mail me, and I will get back to you asap

A session goes like this:

The sitting phase

The session begins with a meditation and a balancing and cleansing of your aura to prepare you and your energy system for the healing.

After the initial guidance to a deeper state, I will receive information from your higher self, your guides and through my higher self and cosmic helpers. I write down the guiding words that come to me so that you can take the healing words home on paper, as a source of inspiration in your everyday life.

With deep respect for you and your privacy, I read out the messages from the guides and based on the text, we now start our conversation about what brought you to me as a client.

It can be physical, emotional or spiritual causes. During this conversation, I start different healing processes using all the tools and healing techniques I learned during my 30 years as a healer and spiritual guide. When this sitting phase of mapping healing conversation is complete, the lying phase begins.


The lying phase:

The client can now lie down on the bed with her/his clothes on. The bed will have warm blankets and comfortable pillows to continue the deep relaxation in silence, which the body needs to be able to go deeper into the healing process. I will then gently put my hands on your head for an energy transfer that heals, balances and integrates the entire healing process.

This phase of the session helps your body and mind to come deeper down into stillness and deep relaxation. These conditions allow for the body to deepen the healing process and creates an environment where disorders and blockages have an opportunity to dissolve. Health will be re-created on a vvery deep level.

The healing process will continue to work within you for approximately 21 days after the session.

After the lying phase of the healing, a moment is given for a deeper explanation and any recommendations that I might have for you to support the healing process.

A session is 2 hours.


What They Say

I strongly recommend

"I had the honour to have two sessions with Christina, which where both more than amazing and so healing. Her intuitive insight is so clear and precise and although I didn’t give her any information before she was spot on.

If you want to make a big shift in your live and heal old or deep wounds she will lead you through and make sure that this will happen in a very gentle and uplifting way

As a healer and coach myself , I can strongly recommend her work to anybody who is ready to become whole and empowered. Thank you Christina"

Amie San, Australia 2020

Eternally grateful for help and guidance

"The sessions with Christina have helped me to really be able to let go of old memories and blockages that no longer serve me. She has helped me to better understand and connect with my true self.

Christina´s loving and professional treatment has always made me feel very safe as a client and it has created a space where great healing and development has been possible.

I am eternally grateful to Christina for the help and guidance to move forward in both personal and spiritual development at a time when I felt stuck and did not move on in my life.

I give Christina my very warmest recommendations."

Åsa, Nyköping, Sweden, 2020

I found my inner strength and feel so much lighter

I received a very good private session from Christina. I felt so safe and received an explanation of many important questions, which helped me find my inner strength and the light of my soul.

I look so much forward to when Christina will be back in Denmark, I will be the first in line."

With kind regards Birgit, Lemvig, Denmark 2020

The Divine Energy of Love,

enters the depths of the cellular level

I have received several private sessions from Christina and have participated in 4 Silent Retreats. Every occasion is different, and always with so much Love and Light.

Christina works with so pure and very high frequencies. It is hard to put into words what I have experienced, but the Divine Love and Light goes straight into the cellular level and heals deep trauma caused in this and previous lifetimes.

I feel so much more grounded and connected to my source.

I can warmly recommend everyone to book a Deep Healing Event with Christina."

Lotta, Malmö, Sweden 2020