About me

Spiritual Teacher  ♥  Psychic Reader

Advanced Intuitive Healer  ♥  Light Warrior

Spiritual Teacher

♥ Psychic Reader

Advanced Intuitive Healer

Light Warrior

I work with The Divine Order and the Laws of the Universe. 

I see your divinity and with the eyes of God, through this ability deep healing arises naturally.

Receive the Divine Love that radiates to you and through you in a Private Session or in a Retreat. And through that Love from the divine, the eye of God, you will more easily be able to practice selflove every day, deepen the unconditional love towards yourself and to experience the God within.

I work with strengthening the master in each and every one I meet, so that anything that stands in the way of them realizing their true self, is released.
Every human being in contact with their true essence is a peace warrior on this Earth.

My Vision

One People, One Planet. Peace on Earth.

The vision of peace on planet Earth is my leading star and guides me through everyday life. Each day I wish to live from my heart and listen inwardly with great sensitivity, so that each of my actions will lead to peace. Peace within me and in every human being, and peace throughout this planet. I live in deep reverence with everything that is alive, from the smallest flower to the greatest mountain.

I see your essence and read your energies. One of my core skills is to feel, read and interpret the energetic layers that have developed around your core essence and that prevents you from feeling it and living it.
When these energies are healed and released, you will be able to feel and live your true soul path.

My Passion

Nothing is more beautiful to me than assisting stagnant energies to come alive and into their natural vital flow. In every encounter with another soul, I take any chance I get to inspire that soul to become the highest version of themselves. Be it my son, one of my friends or a client.

I have had the beautiful opportunity to travel a lot, both in my work and privately. In doing this I have created a connection with so many different places on our beautiful planet and it has inspired me to deeply feel and understand how unique and amazing our Mother Earth truly is. It has also nurtured deep gratitude to Mother Earth and her gifts that she provides us with every day, no matter where we live.

My mission here on Earth is to work with expanding human consciousness so that each of us can create peace within and peace without.

My Gift

I am gifted with the ability to perceive the uniqueness and the gifts that are naturally inherent in every person in front of me. All those pure soul qualities which are already there as part of a person´s sovereign essential core. Simultaneously I perceive and identify the blockages and energies that limit the person to understand who they truly are and why they are here on Earth. All these energetic layers between a person and the connection with her soul and who she truly is, need to be cleansed and healed. When this work is done, we can fully access and own our abilities and understand our greatness.

To be seen beyond the ego, is to be seen with the eyes of the divine. A person who is in connection with her own inner divinity, can see the inner divine in everyone she encounters. We usually say that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. When you see with the eyes of the divine, everything is perfect as it is, it´s pure beauty. 

The experience of being seen for who we truly are is very powerful. It changes our whole life and our perception of ourself.

In my thirties I travelled to India for the first time and did a 21-day Silent Retreat at Oneness University. One day we did a practice for several hours to connect with what they called our Antarjamin, our I Am Presence, the God that resides within. I spent all those hours feeling confused and disappointed, I couldn´t feel anything and felt like I was missing out on something that seemed to be natural and accessible for everyone else.

Afterwards I approached one of the nuns and asked how this connection was supposed to feel. She listened to my question and began to laugh, a very loving and motherly laugh. She then looked at me and said in her beautiful English with an Indian accent, oh Christina, you already have the connection with your Antarjamin, it has been there for a very long time. You don´t need to search for it.

The connection to the divine was alive in me from such an early age that I didn´t consciously realize that it was there. Spirituality has always been my natural way, as natural as breathing. This beautiful nun awakened me to this connection by seeing my true essence. And by doing that, she awakened me to my own realization of myself. From that moment everything changed. Life had showed me the power of being seen as we truly are. I could suddenly understand and own my connection with my inner divinity. In India I began the journey of understanding my own greatness and to be proud of my origin and of who I am.

It made me aware of my unique qualities, of something very natural and already alive in me, something that no one had seen in me before, because they were not in touch with their own inner divine.

This is what I do. I see the Divine in every soul I meet. And I mirror it back to you, for you to remember who you truly are and why you came down to this Earth in this lifetime.

My Story

Since I was little, I have known that my true home was out there, among the stars.

My childhood years were emotionally and psychologically challenging, I experienced abuse and felt alienated from the rest of my family. A lot of the time I thought that God must have dropped me down into the wrong family.

Through my hardest times, what kept me moving forward was my inner notion that I was not from this planet. Knowing that I was only here for a visit, was of deep comfort to the little girl that I was. The harder the challenges I went through, the deeper and stronger the connection to that knowing became. These experiences created a foundation for my service to humanity.

A turning point

When I was fourteen years old, I was very close to collapsing. I felt that I had reached a point of no return. I sat on my bed in my room, exhausted, and not able to see any way forward or any meaning with my existence. Throughout my life I had turned inwardly for answers for anything I needed guidance with. It was the only channel available for me as a child that made me feel some kind of happiness. At this very critical point I did what I usually would do, I turned to the guidance within and I spoke out loud and clearly and said: 

“God, if you truly do exist, now is the time for you to expose yourself. Why am I here? If there is any reason that I am supposed to be here on Earth, you better tell me right now. And speak loud and clearly so that I can fully receive you and hear you. Otherwise I give up, because now I had enough.”

What happened next is one of the most touching and significant moments of my life. It was like the sky opened up before my eyes. My whole life unfolded before me just like a movie and I heard a magical sound all around, like the angels were singing in celebration. And in the center of it all was a picture of our planet, our beautiful Mother Earth. I heard a voice say: you are one of the people chosen for Project Earth. You have a very important task and it is vital that you are here. You are one of the keepers and protectors of Mother Earth, to assist in her deep healing ascension process and for humanity and of yourself. Trust, and be proud of your origin. You will meet people along the way that will be keys to your life journey, and you will feel who they are when you meet them.

From that moment everything changed. I decided to stay and follow the divine plan that was there for me. I started investigating human behavior, to understand the human psyche and her emotional realms. A work that is still unfolding after 40 years of study. (I started at 14 years old)

My Work History

I have a very curious and adventurous soul that has always been wanting to explore new things and learn more about the world. My life has led me to different fields of work, all of them teaching me something that I have brought with me into the next phase of my life.

  • My own company, Christina Santesson, Health & Lifestyle Consultant
  • Sales manager
  • BNI (Business Networking International) Consultant
  • BNI Member
  • District Seller for Ergonomic Products
  • Flight Attendant
  • Worked with autistic children and teenagers in an Anthroposophical Centre in Järna
  • My own company in Holistic Health
  • Alternative Medicine Physiotherapist on a clinic in Stockholm
  • Truck Driver
  • Health Food Store
  • Machine Operator and Telephone Seller at Ica Partihandel
  • Seller at Sport Store
  • Travel Guide in the Swedish mountains

I have also taken several educations in Holistic Medicine and Business Networking.

  • Peak State Therapy
  • 21-days silent retreat in India 3 times
  • 21-days silent retreat in Sweden 2 times
  • Psychic Reading Training in Stockholm
  • Healing Training in Hawaii


  • ATIH Awakening The Illuminated Heart
  • Health food advisor
  • Axelsson’s Gymnastics Institute (Fameous institut in Sweden)
    – basic medicine and fotzonterapi
  • Wellnes coach
  • World Class, yoga instructor

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