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The Divine Energy of Love,

enters the depths of the cellular level

I have received several private sessions from Christina and have participated in 4 Silent Retreats. Every occasion is different, and always with so much Love and Light.

Christina works with so pure and very high frequencies. It is hard to put into words what I have experienced, but the Divine Love and Light goes straight into the cellular level and heals deep trauma caused in this and previous lifetimes.

I feel so much more grounded and connected to my source.

I can warmly recommend everyone to book a Deep Healing Event with Christina.

Lotta, Malmö, Sweden 2020

Deep transformation

Christina is soft as a feather and powerful as a lioness. She meets you exactly where you are at and sees you as you are. She helps you to see yourself in a larger perspective, and all the inner and outer challenges that you are facing receive a higher explanation and purpose. Everything becomes meaningful and understandable. That which you thought was a burden, you find is a gift waiting to be expressed. Christina´s energy work is grounded and safe, she has both her feet steadily on the ground, and from there, she will help you expand as high as you are ready to.

When Christina channels healing, we move from being the victim to becoming the creator and towards owning our shadows and wounds, and therefore also learning from them. Christina´s work takes place on such an advanced level that allows transformation all the way down to a cellular level. After a healing session with Christina something deep within you is transformed, and you leave the healing with a new seed growing within you.

Christina helps you to peel of your layers, and to become more and more in touch with who you truly are. The more truthful we can become towards ourselves, the more we can connect to who we are and to why we are here. Through her work, Christina contributes to raise our collective consciousness and we who walk the Earth, remember why we came here and what we came here to do. I feel Christina´s work is truly peace work, where each client is awakened from her slumber and remembers her true self, a work that is part of the great change that the world is going through today.

With love, Paola, Lund, Sweden, 2020

It is so good to feel this light inside

I feel so grateful for being part of Christina´s Silent Retreat last weekend. It was four days ago, and I still feel so light. It is a wonderful feeling and I feel amazed that I am still feeling it even after this time.

During the retreat I told Christina that I wanted to get rid off flashbacks from old trauma that I had been experiencing. I felt that I could release so much old stuff and finally move on. After the retreat I felt light as a feather after years of feeling that my heart was heavy as a stone.

I believe that all people has something old and heavy that they need to let go off, and I can warmly recommend Christina to help you with that.

Big hugs, Linn, Lund, Sweden, 2020

Christina accesses blockages that can otherwise take years to resolve

Deeply touched by yesterday’s Silent Retreat in magical Christina’s space. With unconditional love and extremely dedicated work, she accesses blockages that can otherwise take years to resolve on their own.

I Love you sister! Keep spreading your light, your knowledge and your Love! We are grateful that you exist on earth right now ❤”

Bam, Sweden 2020

Silent Retreat

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Silent Retreat with Christina, and now when some time has passed I can see what I received and I wish to share it.

I deeply enjoyed the beautiful and calm setting at Römölle Gård where the retreat was held. The lovely energies of the place were enhanced by Christina´s preparation of the retreat space with meditation and beautiful spiritual pictures. We were 8 women that meditated and fasted together on this day and we all received two powerful healing sessions from Christina. My wish for this day was to receive help with my chronic fatigue syndrome that I have lived with for a while now.

The first healing session cleansed energies that belonged in earlier life times for me. These energies needed to be cleared and released, in order for my Soul to be free to learn and accomplish that which it had previously decided to do here on planet Earth. The information I received from Christina was very valuable and helped me understand myself, and my behaviour better.

The second healing session was deeply healing and very powerful for me. Coming home from the retreat and a whole day afterwards I was very tired and just needed to rest. Through that rest came power that I didn´t have before and during the following days I stepped up and found the strength and courage to take care of matters that I had previously been postponing for a very long time. My back really straightened and I stood up for myself, setting borders in two cases and also daring to handle a conflict in the family that had been making me feel very sad and worried. Thanks to the connection I now dared to make, ideas for solutions came forward that eased my mind, and years of sadness and worries disappeared.

Because of the results after the first retreat with Christina, I have now signed up for a second one. I feel Christina takes her work very seriously and that she wants the highest good for everyone she works with. After the retreat everyone was invited to make contact with Christina and ask any question regarding the healing that might pop up, that made me feel very safe.

Karin Nylund, Sweden, August 2020

Silent Retreat

I have had the honour to receive Christina in my home for several occasions, both for healing circles and a silent retreat. Every time my home has turned into a sacred space and the rooms have been transformed afterwards.

To attend a Silent Retreat is to take a big leap on your personal journey. Christina is one of the most powerful healers that I have met. The transformation is permanent, and sometimes your perspective of life can change from night to day. The healing is supported by the experienced hands of Christina, and even if there can be great cleansing after a retreat everything feels very stable and whole.

Christina and I have worked around a year now on my healing journey in different ways. Before we started my healing journey I felt stuck, helpless in many ways and had just started to explore my inner leadership. Since our collaboration started I feel my energy has stabilized and I have access to my strength and my power in a whole new way. I feel freer and more whole, like I have access to a greater part of myself, instead of just having access to separate parts of myself. I am no longer only identifying with my wounds, but also with whom I truly am, beyond everything. I am so grateful to Christina for being such a big part of my healing journey. Her channel is amazing and her knowledge of energy has helped me understand on a deeper level how things are connected and how important it is for us to care for ourselves energetically in these times.

When you are open to receive healing from Christina it can take you to places you never thought were possible. You start to take responsibility, for your self, for your healing journey and for your life. We can manifest everything that we dream of when we start being there for ourselves. Choosing to receive healing from Christina is choosing to take steps that you didn´t know that you were able to, you wake up to your own power, truth and wisdom.

My physical back is also better even though we didn´t work directly with it and mostly have focused on emotional patterns. I can warmly recommend Christina for anything you need help with, may it be physical, mental or emotional.

With love, Paola, Lund, Sweden, 2020


I strongly recommend

I had the honour to have two sessions with Christina, which where both more than amazing and so healing. Her intuitive insight is so clear and precise and although I didn’t give her any information before she was spot on.

Christina has the ability to see and feel the hidden agendas and what we have forgotten. She works with her spiritual guides hand in hand and gets messages which open the doors to a very deep level of healing. She is one of the kindest and most loving people I ever met in my life and has great healing abilities.

If you want to make a big shift in your live and heal old or deep wounds she will lead you through and make sure that this will happen in a very gentle and uplifting way.
I’m a healer and coach myself and I can strongly recommend her work to everybody who is ready to become whole and empowered.
Thank you Christina

Amie San, Australia 2020

I found my inner strength and feel so much lighter

I received a very good private session from Christina. I felt so safe and received an explanation of many important questions, which helped me find my inner strength and the light of my soul.

I look so much forward to when Christina will be back in Denmark, I will be the first in line.

With kind regards Birgit, Lemvig, Denmark 2020

Eternally grateful for help and guidance

Christina has coached me in several private sessions and has done an energy cleansing in my home. I have also participated in a Silent Retreat which was an amazing experience together with Christina and the group. My energy was restored and I received help to heal and to connect deeper with myself.

The sessions with Christina have helped me to really be able to let go of old memories and blockages that no longer serve me. She has helped me to better understand and connect with my true self. Christina´s loving and professional treatment has always made me feel very safe as a client and it has created a space where great healing and development has been possible.

To receive yourself and all you have been carrying with you is not always easy, but with Christina´s loving guidance it has become possible for me to see it, let go and heal.

I am eternally grateful to Christina for the help and guidance to move forward in both personal and spiritual development at a time when I felt stuck and did not move on in my life.

I give Christina my very warmest recommendations.

Åsa, Nyköping, Sweden, 2020

The House Cleansing was invaluable to me

Christina´s house cleansing was a fascinating and amazingly enriching experience for me. She had almost just started the clearing when ideas started to flow into my mind around what changes I could do in my home to make it feel more harmonic.

Christina also gave me some practical suggestions, and more ideas came to me while she was here. And it has turned out so beautifully. My home feels different, more welcoming and calm. I feel such joy when I come home. Soon I will have done all the changes that came to me during our three hour session.

Christina also made time to give me a healing session. It gave me peace of mind and a flow of creativity and bubbly energy. I also experienced some very beautiful visions that are too personal to share.

The House Cleaning was invaluable to me – worth every penny.

Elisabet Granlund, Lund, Sweden, 2020

Speechless and empty of words

I was too speechless and had run out of words so I could not thank you as much as I would have wanted yesterday, so I wish to do it now. It was such a powerful experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the thruths that you confirmed, for the doubt that dissolved once again and for channeling the energy of Mother Earth so beautifully. I feel how my roots are now even deeper anchored in her.

And the connection to the Arcturians that I have felt so true in me, but not have dared to believe because it felt too dopey. You confirmed it. So thank you, thank you, thank you brave and powerful Goddess!

With Love, Aida, Höör, Sweden, 2020

House Energi Cleansing

Our home and how we feel is connected. When Christina came home to my house, I had been experiencing stagnation in my body, and felt overwhelmed and uninspired when I was at home. She helped me understand that my home on an energy level, represented and expressed things that I needed to look at in my own personal healing journey. When we walked around my home during the cleansing, Christina spoke to the spirit of the house, that also gave her guidance in how she was going to work.

Christina helped me to create new flow in my home, to move furniture around so that the energy would flow better and she guided me to get some small new details that made a huge difference over all. She also guided me to clense out clothing that I did not use. The result was new flow, new vitality and a new home that now supported me on my personal journey instead of draining me. My home now also supports me to look after myself and helps the energy to flourish, inside and out. Stagnated energy came alive, and my journey to become more grounded and to navigate the material world got a deeper initiation. My home did not only turn into a more beautiful and living space, it is so much nicer to spend time in and I finally feel at home.

With Love, Paola, Lund, Sweden, 2020 

My system felt completely different

The morning after the healing session with Christina, my system felt completely different. There was so much more ease!

The heaviness and emotional turmoil regarding the theme of my healing session, was almost completely gone. 24 hours after the session I could feel the healing energy and light re-coding my cells. It was as if my body was being upgraded!

Still a few weeks after the session, I can feel that Christina’s healing has gifted me in gaining greater access to my inner power. I will continue to come to Christina for support when I need a boost to expand in love, truth and being!

Emma, Lund, Sweden 2021